Trap Neuter Return

The term TNR comes up frequently in animal rescue circles but not everyone has heard of it. TNR stands for "Trap, Neuter, Return", or "Trap, Neuter, Release". It is the practice of trapping feral, or free roaming cats and having them spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and then released back into their colony. Upon return, they have a small 'tip' cut out of their ear which identifies them as part of a protected colony. Whether people love or hate cats, this practice WORKS.

Feral, or free roaming cats, when not 'fixed' can become nuisances especially when breeding. They mark their territory and become noisy and this is when business owners or individuals start getting upset. It costs our cities a lot of money to impound and euthanize these animals.

Taking them away and euthanizing them however, is not the solution as this creates what is known as a 'vacuum effect' where other cats just move into the area, and the problem starts up again. Relocating also is not an option as the cats will roam miles to return back to their 'home', often crossing busy roads which leads to accidents. When cats are trapped and neutered the breeding and nuisance behavior stops, the numbers stop growing and eventually the population declines. It is much more cost effective to trap, neuter, and release a cat, than it is to impound and euthanize it. The bottom line is, animals do not need to die when we have a tried and tested humane option (TNR) that works and saves money!

Cities who have the CCFAW TNR Program are:

Port Orange

Ormond Beach

Holly Hill

Daytona Beach


New Smyrna Beach




Orange City

Ponce Inlet

Unincorporated Volusia County

CCFAW is executing their TNR program cities above to control the number of free-roaming cats in that community. The cities provide the funding for traps, spaying and neutering, vaccinations and feeding stations. CCFAW coordinates the efforts by registering colonies and their caregivers; providing the traps; installing the feeding stations (that are built by one of our volunteers) where applicable and making appointments for spay and neuter. For more information or to register a colony, contact us by email at

Slideshow of one of our Port Orange free roaming cat colonies.

TNR Community Support Partners

       Alley Cat Allies